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The Future of Real Estate


Profits from real estate come in multiple forms: rental income, depreciation and tax deductions, and property appreciation. The ability to exchange and grow your investments tax free until monies are withdrawn makes real estate an unparalleled investment. REBlockX adds an additional incentive:  by offering individually-owned shares on its exchange, your real estate investment becomes liquid,something the industry has never seen before.

How You’re Protected

With purchasing a property through a blockchain index like REBlockX, all transactions and processes are recorded and audited regularly. An index like REBlockX offers all parties a secure and synchronized ledger of transactions that are completely transparent and a reporting system that allows all details to be reviewed and analyzed. 

Why Us?

REBlockX core design takes full advantage of tax section 1031, an exception that allows you to postpone paying taxes on the gain if you reinvest the proceeds into a similar property as part of a qualifying like-kind exchange. REBlockX, being an approved intermediary, allows investors selling their real estate to protect and grow their investment. The REBlockX system displays all stages of the 1031 exchange, spelling out all time constraints, from designating properties for potential purchase to closing on these properties, whether in the exchange or not. These resources combined into one trading platform bring the approach to real estate investment firmly into the future. 


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REBlockX, Direct Real Estate Ownership on the Blockchain

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